About Us

We are Stepfamily Coaches. We help struggling, but motivated couples living in blended family dynamics to gain clarity about the issues and lead their homes confidently using practical strategies so that they can experience greater connection and peace.

Mike & Kim

We jumped into stepfamily life back in 2001 after only dating for a short time.  We knew roadblocks would pop up along the journey — but we didn't anticipate how challenging it would be.

We've been educating, equipping and supporting blended family couples for over 17 years.  We hear from many couples that hearing stories of struggles and success is helpful.  So, we're happy to share a bit of each of our personal stories with you.

Mike's Story

Life began with an inevitable thrust into stepfamily dynamics.

My mother passed away just after my 1st birthday leaving my dad with three kids. We moved to Scottsdale, AZ to live with my grandparents. Dad worked and was attending college leaving lots of time to bond with Nana and Papa.

A New Family Forms

Dad, my sister Heather and I moved from my grandparent’s when I was around 7 years old. It wasn’t long before Dad announced that he...

Kim's Story

My daughter, Annika was not yet two years old when my ex-husband and I separated. Divorce seemed inevitable as my world fell apart. I never imaged I'd be a single mom, on my own and facing an unknown future. The realities of "sharing" our child was painful…but this was our new normal and eventually I would learn to cope with limited, part-time connection to my child. My daughter and I formed a special bond and created our own unique family...just the two of us.

Enter Mike

Mike and I met at work and started out as friends. Much to my surprise, we fell in love and just knew we should be together. Annika was now five and she naturally enjoyed Mike - their connection was easy. But I'll never forget the night before our wedding when she voiced her objection. In true five-year-old-style she announced that I shouldn't marry Mike because "He talks too softly on our answering machine"! What I didn't realize at the time is that...


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