A real-life strategy to transform your blended family journey in just 6 weeks!

Gain Clarity  |  Build Confidence  |  Create Connection


We've taken real-life lessons from the past 21 years of living in our own blended family; along with the latest research and healthy principles for stepfamily life and built a strategy that will change the trajectory of your stepfamily journey.

"Stepfamilies that Work!" is not about theory or quick fixes.  It's a practical strategy you can effectively implement — together. 

Throughout this course, you'll...

...gain clarity about complex stepfamily dynamics

...build confidence to guide your stepfamily forward

...create more connection (and peace) in your home


Every stepfamily has hidden dynamics that create confusion and frustrations along the way.  If those dynamics stay hidden, step-couples often feel stuck.  Uncovering them gives you clarity and gets you unstuck.  We'll help you gain awareness — the clarity you need to move forward.


Once the hidden dynamics are uncovered, you'll need to implement practical strategies.  Learning effective ways to guide your stepfamily toward healthy dynamics will build your confidence as a couple and as the leaders of your home.


New clarity and confidence will help your stepfamily begin to thrive.  You'll know how to create an environment that will encourage greater connection in your stepfamily relationships.  Then you'll experience more peace in your home!

Here's what's included…

Track 1 - Setting Out  |  begin to connect your values with your desired results

Track 2 - Bonding in Stepfamilies  |  implement the most effective strategies for bonding

Track 3 - Kid's Perspectives  |  spend some time in your "kid's shoes" to gain understanding

Track 4 - Marriage/Partnership  |  learn to work as a team and build your romance

Track 5 - Parenting & Discipline  |  define your roles and gain effective parenting techniques

Track 6 - The Parenting Coalition  |  gain strategies and tools for creating peace with the Ex

Each Track Includes...

Video Instruction   |   Worksheets   |   Discussion Questions   |   Relevant Examples   |   Personal Stories   |   Step-by-Step Guidance

"After realizing that we have been doing this all wrong for two years, we feel so grateful to have met Mike and Kim! They helped us turn this train around by offering us a wealth of knowledge and tools presented in a real-life, practical and immediately applicable way. Mike and Kim are such kind, authentic people who genuinely and passionately care about helping others blend their stepfamilies in the most healthy and positive way possible."

James & Nikki

"Mike and Kim helped us realize that being a successful blended family is possible. In their class we were able to learn tools as well as set realistic expectations and goals for our family. We are thankful for the important work they do in our community."

Serge & Anna

"Mike and Kim have really opened our eyes and hearts to some of the unique challenges that blended families experience. They both presented information with hope and use their own personal experiences along the way. We are blessed to have been a part of this class."

Lance & Karla

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We've done everything we can to make this course simple, practical and impactful.

We are confident the principles and strategies work because they are the same ones we have implemented in our personal journey.  Plus, we've coached countless couples toward success in their own blended families.

But, if you're still skeptical that this will work for you, then we want to give you the opportunity to give it a try - without worry.

That's why we're giving you a FULL 60 DAYS to experience the entire program.  Do all the work, join us in the Exclusive Facebook Group and discover how your fresh clarity and confidence can begin to create a new environment in your stepfamily that will ultimately lead to more connection.

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Ready to Get to Work?

"Stepfamilies that Work!" is for you if you want to learn...

...your specific parenting styles and how to use them to your advantage

...how to safeguard your partnership and effectively communicate 

...next steps you can take today to invest in your family for the long haul

...how to get back on track when you're feeling defeated or experience set-backs


...how to steer clear of unexpected pitfalls and avoid unnecessary pain

...how to get united in your parenting decisions and de-stress discipline issues

...how to confidently help your kids with their difficult emotions in healthy ways

...how to positively influence your step-kids and gain their respect

Whether you've been living in a stepfamily for years, or you're just starting your stepfamily journey — this course is for you!


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Package Includes:

  • Membership to the Stepfamilies that Work! video course
  • Membership to the Private Facebook Group archive filled with lots of great bonus content!




Package Includes:

  • Membership to the Stepfamilies that Work! video course
  • Membership to the Private Facebook Group archive filled with lots of great bonus content!

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