How to get on the same page around Parenting in your Blended Family…

even if you've tried everything you can think of and it feels like you're not making any progress.

Hi, it's Mike & Kim here and we're excited to help you discover how simple it really is to become a great parenting team in your Blended Family.

We're wondering...have you ever had thoughts like:

"Our parenting-styles are way too different.  We'll never be able to agree on how to parent all the kids...

"We never really resolve the issues...we're just on a constant cycle of "blow up" arguments over parenting...

"I'm tired of not being supported when it comes to dealing with his kids...and feeling a double standard when it comes to mine

If you've ever said (or just thought) any of these things, then you're in the right place...

...we've been there!

We know what it's like to be stuck in conflict over parenting.  We get how hopeless it feels when you have two very different parenting-styles making it almost impossible to get on the same page!

At one point we were ready to give up… 

…we were considering separation — we just couldn't see eye to eye when it came to raising all the kids.  Misunderstandings, hurtful arguments and tension kept driving us farther apart.

We spent years learning the hard way

...researching countless resources, confiding in friends, meeting with counselors and tons of trial & error.  Through it all we kept running into conflicting advice and it was so hard to know who we could really trust.

Finally, we discovered the 1 thing we really needed to get un-stuck. 

We had hope again and finally felt like we had a chance at getting united around parenting and gaining more control over our family's future...without having to completely change our parenting-styles.

We still can't believe how many years we spent feeling frustrated and defeated!  We were trying to piece everything together, but it felt so complicated and overwhelming.  We don't want that for you!

Instead, we want to show you how to simplify parenting in your stepfamily and fast-track your success!

That's why we've created something special just for you.  It's called...

...and it's a step-by-step online course created just for busy step-couples.  The short topics and specific actions are designed to help you achieve quick wins and experience a new connection around parenting — in just a couple of weeks!

Here's peek at what you'll discover inside the course:

Module 1  — create a new connection together as you 'dream' about your stepfamily's future
  • Envision the future you want for your stepfamily so that you can 'begin with the end in mind'
  • Create your 'Rules of Engagement' to keep you connected as a couple EVEN when you are in disagreement
Module 2 — solidify your primary PARENTING Goals as a team
  • Identify the goals (values, character traits & life skills) MOST important to you as a couple — using our "B3Q Framework"
  • Clarify exactly what each goal MEANS so that your stepfamily can build unity and avoid the pitfall of "biological divides"
  • Prioritize the top 3-5 goals that will help you tackle your CRITICAL pain points and avoid being overwhelmed with trying to 'fix' everything at once
Module 3 — become a UNITED FRONT as you set boundaries and clear expectations for the kids
  • Develop clear Desired Destination Statements for each of your prioritized goals (that you and the kids will all understand)
  • Learn how to choose simple and effective 'next-action' steps that will create momentum toward your goals and help you experience noticeable progress — right away!
  • Create a Code of Conduct that will simplify the traditional "house rules" approach and create unity in your entire stepfamily — allowing close bonds to build naturally.
  • Discover exactly how to implement your Code of Conduct and overcome pain points like disrespect, dishonesty, double-standards and many other behavioral challenges

Here's What OTHERS Have Said About Their Experience with Mike & Kim...

"Mike and Kim have really opened our eyes and hearts to some of the unique challenges that blended families experience. They both presented information with hope and use their own personal experiences along the way. We are blessed to have been a part of this class."

— Lance & Karla

"We felt completely lost on how to connect our blended family and how to handle certain situations that were taking place but Mike and Kim got us on the right path with the right attitudes. They are professional, caring, and full of wisdom which made our investment in their services worth every penny."

— Josh & Amanda

"Mike and Kim helped us realize that being a successful blended family is possible. In their class we were able to learn tools a well as set realistic expectations and goals for our family. We are thankful for the important work they do in our community."

— Serge & Anna

"We’ve learned a ton of real and practical tools that we can take home and use with our blended family. Thanks Mike and Kim!"

— Dustin & Danelle

PLUS — When You Enroll Today, You'll Get
TWO Free Bonus Gifts!

Free Gift #1:  The 3 Most Important Things
Every Step-Child Needs to Know

I was 7 years old when my dad remarried and I (Mike) became a step-child.   So when I ran across this quote from author, Jennifer Egan — I naturally empathized:

"The hardest thing about being a stepchild is you know that in some way everything would be easier if you didn't exist."

WOW…that's a difficult statement that's hard to overlook!

For almost two decades now I've been a step-dad to Annika.  I've learned over the years that the most influential step-parents are the ones who take the time to understand their step-child's perspective.  Then they thoughtfully craft their words and actions in a way that helps their step-child feel loved and valued.

And they can do this without even saying the words "I love you".

If this feels like a daunting challenge to you, you're not alone…we get it!  

That's why we've created this special bonus eBook — just for Step-Parents.

In this eBook, we'll give you the insight you need and provide you with a practical process to identify your critical next steps so that you can send these 3 Important Messages to your step-kids…with impeccable timing and delivery!

We've seen that when a step-parent gains insight and is able to clearly send a steady stream of these important messages to their step-kids, it can be a big…GAME CHANGER!

This is a MUST HAVE for every step-parent!   And we're SO excited for you to get your hands on this vital information that we're offering it to you at no charge.       

($15 Value)...Absolutely FREE!


Free Gift #2:  3 Loving Messages
Every Kid Needs to Feel Secure

I (Kim) will never forget the night before our wedding.  I was blindsided when my daughter shared that she didn't want me to marry Mike!  

Annika was excited when we announced our engagement and had always seemed open to accepting Mike into her life.  I was beyond confused when her attitude suddenly shifted the night before our wedding...I didn't know how to respond!

As a (bio)parent, maybe you've been there too…puzzled by an unexpected change in your child's attitudes and behaviors toward your partner or your step-family.  

I've definitely been there…and we've heard countless stories from parents about how their kids act out — sabotaging their relationship, withdrawing from the family and displaying behavior they've never seen before.  And every parent's reaction is the same…disappointment, frustration and confusion!

That's why we've created this special gift — just for PARENTS!

This value packed eBook will help you better understand what your kids could be experiencing throughout the 'blending' process.  Most likely kids will experience some tension which often creates fear and possibly even anger.

But you can confidently calm your child's fears and fulfill their fundamental need for security.   In this bonus eBook you'll discover the 3 Most Important Messages your child needs to hear that will build their sense of security and you'll clearly define your next steps to communicating each of the 3 messages!

Over time, this will make a HUGE difference in how well your kids accept and adapt to all the changes, as well as how they respond to discipline and open up to connecting with their step-parent.

We want EVERY PARENT to have the ability to send these 3 loving - and absolutely vital - messages to their children.  And that's why we're giving this gift to you at no charge.

($15 value)...Absolutely FREE!

It Works...Or You Don't Pay!

We know what it's like to raise a stepfamily...and sometimes money can be tight!

That's why we're making this accessible for every budget — and you won't have to risk a penny!

...because we're going to cover all the risk here with our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All you need to do is click the "Enroll Now..." button below to get started with Stepfamilies that Make It! today.  Watch the videos, download all the worksheets and put your action plan together.  Implement everything you learn into your family and then…

If you're not completely satisfied with everything you've learned after 30 Days, then we INSIST you reach out to us and request a refund.  We'll return your full purchase price…no questions asked…no hassles.  And we'll still be friends…we promise! :-)

PLUS, both bonus eBooks are yours to keep as our gift to you!

Now you might be asking, "How can they do this?"

Yes, it is a financial risk for us…but we're so confident that you'll be excited about what you learn that we're willing to make it a "no-brainer" decision for you!  We've dedicated our lives to supporting and coaching step-couples just like you and we're not going to be happy unless you are!

So, again that's why we're making sure you can join Stepfamilies that Make It!completely risk free!

So, let's recap this opportunity...

When you enroll in Stepfamilies that Make It! today, you'll get:

  • Lifetime Membership to the Stepfamilies that Make It! Online Course...(valued at $79)

  • Free Gift #1 — The 3 Most Important Things Every Step-Child Needs to Know (valued at $15)...Absolutely Free!

  • Free Gift #2 — 3 Loving Messages Every Kid Needs to Feel Secure (valued at $15)...Absolutely Free!

That's a total value of $109…

…but when you join us today — you'll get everything for...

Just One Easy Payment of


…and remember that you'll get all of this without risking a penny because we've got you covered with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - so there's nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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When you get started, you'll be taking your first step toward reducing conflict and stress, building your confidence as you guide your stepfamily and creating more connection for everyone!  


Mike & Kim


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